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Lenten Devo Day 25

Saturday, March 26, 2022

The Heart of Christianity

Lori Durbin

Luke 6:37-38

In this day of COVID, political unrest, and racial instability we could all do well to pay close attention to these verses. Jesus is speaking to a large crowd that has gathered. This verse strikes at the heart of what it means to be a Christian in a lost, wandering, and violent world. Conflict eventually reaches all of us in one form or another. Part of the message in these verses is that we need to think before we act. It is so easy to say or do things that we wish we could have back later. Jesus was persecuted for who He claimed to be. He was arrested, people abused Him, His credibility and mental condition were called into question. And yet despite all of this. He lived a perfect example of what and who He expects each of us to be.

Were there times when Jesus got angry? Absolutely! But look at the situations in which He displayed anger. He got angry when the people took God for granted. He got angry when the people acted in direct defiance to the direction of His Father. But when the anger was directed at Him, and the insults and beatings were delivered to Him, He always and in every situation responded with grace and gentleness. He did not fight back or hurl return insults. No, He took those situations as teaching opportunities for His followers, for the people, for the disciples, and for the apostles. He knows our nature better than we do. Why do you think He said these words?

Prayer: Lord, help me today to be more generous and more forgiving. Give me the strength to treat people the way You want us to treat others. Amen.


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