Lenten Devo Day 27

Monday, March 28, 2022

Encountering Demons

Freddie Combs

Mark 5:1-20

As soon as Jesus steps from the boat filled with disciples, he is met by a man possessed by demons. He has lived in the tombs and is so strong no one can subdue him. He howls day and night. But when he sees Jesus, he falls on his knees. Jesus said to him, “Come out of this man, you impure spirit!” The man shouted, “What do you want of me, Jesus, Son of God most high? In God’s name don’t torture me!”

Jesus asks his name, and the man tells him his name is Legion (for there are many). The demons in him beg Jesus to send them into the nearby herd of pigs and Jesus allows this. But soon the herd rushes into the lake and drowns. The townspeople come and see what has happened but instead of seeing the miracle, they become fearful and beg Jesus to leave.

With gratitude, the man begs Jesus to go with him. But Jesus tells him to go and tell the people how much the Lord has done for him. The man does so, and the people that hear are amazed.

We can be in a spiritual war with demons all the days of our lives. We cannot hope to win this battle by our own power. We must rely on the Lord for help through prayer. Then when we succeed or change with his help, we should share our testimony with others so they might see the miracles among us. Do not wait!

Prayers: Jesus, let the changes you make in me and my life, be my testimony to God’s goodness and my faith. May I be obedient and do your will. Amen.


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