Lenten Devo Day 29

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Are You Convinced?

Lynne Moody

Mark 6:45-56

52 “for they had not understood about the loaves”

Lake Erie is the shallowest of all the Great Lakes. It frequently freezes in the winter and one can say they “walked on water.” Not only do people walk out on the lake, but they also skate, snowmobile, ride ATVs and all sorts of activities, convinced the ice will hold them. Recently, 18 people were out on the frozen lake, having a great time when a large chunk of ice broke away from shore, leaving them stranded.

In the above scripture passage, when the disciples were out on the lake with the wind whipping around them, they were not convinced of their safety. Even when they witnessed Jesus walk toward them on top of the water (NOT frozen), they didn’t believe it was Him. They thought He was a ghost. Why? Mark tells us it’s because they were not convinced yet of who Jesus was.

If the disciples still weren’t convinced, where does that leave us? What does it take to convince us to put all our faith in Jesus? When times are great and we’re having fun, it’s easy. When the storms come or the ice leaves us stranded, are we convinced of Jesus’ power to calm the winds or rescue us?

Prayer: Father God, please open our eyes to be convinced of your love, remind us that the Way is through Jesus, only Jesus. Remind us with Your love that we will only see the Truth through the eyes of Jesus. We place ourselves in Your loving hands because Jesus died for us, and He lives. Please remind us to be convinced. Amen.


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