Lenten Devo Day 32

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Sheep Need A Shepherd

Lori Durbin

John 10:11-16

Sheep need fresh pasture and water daily and in the deserts of Palestine that can be no easy task. A shepherd will search for water sometimes for hours every day. He carries a pail with him that he will fill over and over again for any sheep who cannot access the water. A shepherd will lead his flock to water he will lead them to good pastures. He will protect them, watch out for them, guard them, tend to their wounds, care for them, brings back strays, and seeks out the lost. A shepherd carries a rod and a six-foot staff. A shepherd will sometimes throw his rod at a sheep who is wandering and refuses to heed the shepherd’s voice. This is a discipline that can hurt the sheep but is done out of love to protect it. Other times instead of the rod a shepherd will nudge gently the stray to bring it back to the flock. Both the rod and the staff are protection for the sheep. The life of a shepherd is not an easy one, but it is vital for the life of the sheep. Without the shepherd, the sheep have little hope for survival. They will wander aimlessly searching for water but likely will not find it. They will be harassed and killed by wild beasts. Sheep need a shepherd.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for leading us to your mercy and grace. Thank you for loving us enough to die on the cross for us. Amen.


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