Lenten Devo Day 36

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

I Was Lost and Am Found

Nancy Hallfin

Luke 15:1-10

We all have probably heard that phrase in the hymn Amazing Grace a hundred times. Does it call up a time in your life when you were lost and either found Christ for the first time or had lost your way for a while, only to find Him again? Because we are precious in God’s eye, we know that there was joy in heaven on that day.

In these passages the celebrations were large, friends and neighbors were invited to share in the joy of the lost being found. So, Christ feels the same joy with a repentant person.

A woman’s ring from her grandmother is so dear to her that she wears it constantly even though she cleans offices. One day the stone from the ring is lost. For weeks she is vigilant in searching everywhere and in everything not because the stone is so large or valuable because it was her grandmother’s. Finally, she gives up hope though she continues to wear the ring.

Months later, she is sweeping a storage room floor she sweeps every week and suddenly there is something glistening in the dirt. The connection between a grandmother and granddaughter was once again complete. What a celebration the family had, everyone who had been touched by these women rejoiced.

So, it is with God when our connection with Him is either dimmed or disconnected because of sins committed or omitted. He waits anxiously for us to repent and restore the harmony between us. And He is oh so joyful when His lost lamb returns, that the heavens rejoice.

Prayer: Dear Father, I ask You to forgive me for _________ and for things I could have done in Your name but failed to do, for words of comfort I would have said, but didn’t, for actions I should have taken but didn’t. I know that it will bring joy to you, as well as peace to my soul. In Christ’s name, I pray, Amen.


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