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Lenten Devo Day 40

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Fad’s Fade

Joshua Holt

John 12:12-19

Jesus rides a donkey victoriously into Jerusalem under a canopy of palm branches surrounded by people shouting praises to his name. This sounds like a perfect ending to a feelgood movie, not an event that happened just days before the very same people turn from shouting praise to shouting, “Crucify!” How does a crowd turn so fast? Well, let’s look at why such a large crowd came to welcome him in the first place. Verses 17-18 tell us that the crowd who witnessed Jesus bring Lazarus back to life spread the word and those who heard came to meet him. The problem is that their interest in Jesus was fixed on an incredibly shallow knowledge of who he was. A commentary from the Life Application Bible notes, “Devotion based only on curiosity or popularity fades quickly.” Most of the crowd didn’t even know who they were shouting praises to, so their praise was easily shifted to condemnation when a new narrative was suggested.

Ask yourself this question today; when we sing praises on Sunday morning, do you sing because those around you are singing, or because you’re so overwhelmed by God’s goodness that you can’t keep quiet? Do you follow Jesus because you’ve heard good things about him or because you’ve come to know his goodness for yourself? Jesus’ time on earth was full of fascinating interactions, but if we stop at fascination, we’re at risk of simply losing interest. Let us never settle for simply knowing about Jesus, instead, we must intentionally seek to know him personally.

Prayer: God, help me never be okay with a shallow faith. I want desperately to know you, not just know about you. Help me go deeper and deeper in relationship with you each and every day. Amen.


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