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Lenten Devo Day 43

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The day or hour no one knows

Marilyn Stump

Matthew 25:1-3

When you read this passage did you ever think of how selfish the 5 wise virgins seemed in refusing to share their oil with the 5 foolish virgins that failed to bring enough oil? Sharing is a virtue…isn’t it? Neither of them knew exactly when the Bridegroom was coming but they all believed that he would come.

When I was in school, I always knew there would be a “pop” quiz. You knew it was coming but you didn’t know when. When the teacher announced that we were all to clear our desks and take out a sheet of paper and pencil you knew what was coming. The quiz. Had I read the lesson? Had I done the assignment? Was I taking this class seriously? There was no time to cram, no time to prepare, no time to ask my friend to share what they knew, and definitely no cheating. I couldn’t take the answers from my neighbor that had prepared. It was all about “was I prepared?” I was told it was coming. Why didn’t I prepare? I had lots of good reasons. I had band practice after school. I also worked a part-time job. I went to church on Sunday morning and evening. I even went to a prayer meeting on Wednesday night. None of that mattered. I was not prepared, and it was a pass or fail test. There was no in-between.

Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to do extra credit to make up for not being prepared for my quiz. In our relationship with Jesus, I cannot depend on my mother’s preparedness, I must fill my own oil jar. Someone else cannot fill it for me. I must be ready by filling my jar with my own relationship with Jesus through prayer, personal Bible study, and seeking God’s will and direction for my life.

Prayer: Father, thank you for teaching me through this scripture that I must be prepared. Help me to be wise and continually anticipate your return. Amen.

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