Lenten Devo Day 44

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Jesus Knew—Jesus Knows

Morita Hadlock

John: 13:21-30

When Jesus and his disciples were gathered for the Feast of the Passover, He knew what His future held: he knew that the twelve didn’t understand that he was leaving, he knew that this was their last meal together until he returned, he knew that he was going to be betrayed (more than once and in different ways). When He told them that one of them would break the faith with Him, the apostles were dumbfounded –they didn’t know what Jesus meant and began to question Him. They were still mystified when Jesus identified Judas as the one who would make Him known to His enemies. Jesus’s only words to Judas were ‘to quickly do what he was about to do'. Then Judas took the bread offered by his leader and left.

Imagine! Jesus knew exactly what the days ahead would bring--the suffering and disappointment, some at the hands of those whom he loved, and therein is the essence of the Son of God, Son of Man. Jesus never stopped loving any of His disciples, even Judas. What a gift, what an example! From this we learn first, to love one another wholeheartedly and second, that no matter what, Jesus loves us. He will not turn away from us because of what we do or say. He knows what is in our hearts, what we’re thinking, saying, and doing, and yet continues to be our guide, teacher, and Savior.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for loving us the way you do, thank you for forgiving us and showing us the way to live. Strengthen our relationship with you, guide us, and direct us in the path of love and acceptance. Amen.


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