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Lenten Devo Day 45

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Everyone is Invited

Carol Sue Hutchinson

Luke 14:12-14

One of the very unique qualities of the Kingdom of God is that everyone is invited to accept the gift of God’s salvation. In the Biblical story today, Jesus reminded the host that he shouldn’t be exclusive and only invite those persons, who can repay him with a return invitation.

In some churches, this concept is totally overlooked. The program and congregation in these churches are geared to only attract people like themselves. This makes them most comfortable. Pastor Rob reminded us a few weeks ago that God does not call us to comfortableness or sameness. These are not places we usually seek out.

I remember when I was growing up, dressing up in your Sunday best was a concept that most people followed. Without realizing it, this closed out some people because their Sunday best may not have measured up to some of the people in the congregation. Sunday best meant just that, whether it was clean jeans or a new suit or dress.

Today, as we are designing ministries to attract people into the body of Christ, we need to constantly remind ourselves that everyone is invited, welcomed, and received. The body of Christ is a place of warm reception.

Prayer: Loving God, continue to remind us whose we are and what is expected of us as we invite others into Your presence. Amen


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