Lenten Devo Day 6

Updated: Mar 8

Monday, March 7, 2022

Come and See

Sharon Bates

John 1:43-51

Have you heard someone calling you to “Come and See,” “Come and See?” Even if it isn’t convenient, you drop whatever you are doing and go see whatever mysterious or glorious find they have discovered.

These special words “Come and See” were used many times in Jesus’ ministry as he called disciples and followers. However, in this passage, it is Phillip, who is eager to follow Jesus, that he calls out to his friend Nathaniel to “Come and See” the Messiah. Nathaniel was skeptical because of his prejudice about people coming out to Nazareth. Does this sound like something we would say about a person from a particular region or culture? Nathaniel was shocked that Jesus had already spied him sitting under the fig tree and knew his heart. Nathaniel declared him Rabbi, Son of God, King of Israel. How amazing that this declaration is one of seven witnesses in the New Testament of who Jesus really was. Nathaniel’s response to “Come and See” gave him the opportunity to see great and wondrous signs that only Jesus “Son of Man” could provide.

What does it mean for us to extend the invitation “Come and See?” Are there barriers and prejudices we need to overcome? In what ways in our daily lives can we let this invitation to those we encounter be our mission? Come and see the greatness of Christ, the Messiah! Come and see Christ’s grace, power, and forgiveness! Come and see that God offers his love to all people everywhere. Come and see the promises of the resurrected Christ! Come and see with me!

Prayer: Gracious God, open our hearts and minds to recognize the opportunities you provide to share your love with others. Amen.


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