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Lenten Devo Day 9

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Rejected and Dejected

Joshua Holt

Luke 4:16-27

There was something special about Jesus. Time and time again, people were captivated by him before having any idea who he was. Why is it then that his own people reacted to Jesus with such anger that they wanted to throw him off a cliff? Let’s see what we can learn from this scripture from both the perspective of Jesus, and the perspective of his people.

When Jesus returned to Nazareth, he knew that he wouldn’t be accepted. Some of us will experience similar rejection, especially for those who have seen major changes in their lives after accepting Christ. Often, when our lives start to reflect the new creation we’ve become, those who knew us as we used to be, have the hardest time understanding the new us. We can learn from Jesus that even when rejected by his own neighbors, he pressed on faithfully to accomplish what God had called him to.

Next, when we examine the reaction of the people of Nazareth, it’s important to check our own hearts. Initially, the people admired Jesus (v. 22), the anger didn’t emerge until he revealed that, much like the prophet Elijah wasn’t sent only to his own people, Jesus’s mission was far bigger than Nazareth or even the Israelites. Rather than celebrating that Jesus planned to save Gentiles as well, they were enraged by the thought that a non-Jew might receive the same or even greater blessing than a faithful Jew. Let’s adopt the heart of Jesus that longs to bless those most in need rather than keeping the blessing all for ourselves.

Prayer: Father, help me press on to chase your calling, not being discouraged by rejection or jealousy. Make me more like Jesus every day. Amen.


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