Lenton Devo Day 13

Monday, March 14, 2022

Speaking with Authority

Marcia Baker

Mark 1:21-28

After Jesus’ baptism, He went out to the wilderness and was tested by Satan. Jesus worshipped daily during his temptation and God provided angels to minister to him. From there he gathered Simon and Andrew, James, and John, who immediately put down their fishing nets to follow Jesus. They went to the synagogue with Jesus where he began to teach. Jesus taught with authority of the scriptures that amazed people! More people began gathering to hear Jesus teach as He taught with confidence.

A man possessed by a demon began interrupting Jesus, and the demons knew who Jesus was proclaiming, “You’re the Holy One of God, and come to destroy us.” With all His authority, Jesus told the demon to leave the man and the demon left. People seeing this were amazed at Jesus’ authority to rid the man of demons. This led to people going out and telling others, spreading the word of Jesus who not only speaks with authority about the scripture but also rids one of demons. Do we stand in amazement at Jesus’ knowledge of the scripture? Do we desire to learn more of God’s word so that we bear witness to Jesus’ authority and Deity?

Prayer: Father, God work in our lives to prioritize studying scripture, that we may be able to bear witness of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Also, the salvation you provide through His sacrifice we share with others with confidence. Amen.


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