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Lenton Devo Day 33

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Be Who You Are!

Carol Sue Hutchinson

Luke 14:7-11

In Jesus’ Day, at a large banquet, people were seated by the host in places of honor, at least in the eyes of the host. When people knew who they were in God’s eyes, it was easy to take a seat at the back of the room. That allowed the host to seat people where he thought they should be. We have solved this today with place cards at large gatherings.

There is so much more to this story than where to sit at a banquet! We try to raise ourselves in the eyes of others, by the clothes we may wear, the car we drive or many other possessions we may have. Jesus’ wants us to be ready to serve others no matter the circumstances. Instead of trying to impress others, we should be looking for places to serve. When we know who we are in God’s sight, we know better where we can serve with our gifts and talents. God places us where he needs us most and where our service can best be used.

Knowing who you are doesn’t mean always putting ourselves down. Nor does it mean to always be looking for the place where you will be seen the most. Rather know what you have to offer to best serve others. God created us and knows very well, where he can use our service.

Prayer: Holy God, remind us daily whose we are and help us to really see what we have to offer others in your service. Amen.


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