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Susannah Wesley Circle

The Susannah Wesley Circle is so-called in honor of "the mother of Methodism." She and Samuel Wesley had 19 children; the 15th was John Wesley, founder of worldwide Methodism; the 18th was Charles Wesley, a musician, and lyricist, writing more than 6,600 hymns, many are still in hymnals all over the world today. Only 10 of the 19 children survived infancy. Susannah grew up the daughter of a prominent, highly educated minister in London. Although she had little formal education, having so many older siblings (the youngest of twenty-five children) she was well-read and well-rounded intellectually. This would serve her well as she was the primary source of her children's education due to the family's constant struggle with poverty. She believed her girls should have the same rigorous teaching as the boys and devoted one-on-one time to each child on a nightly rotating schedule. Susannah also knew the importance of spending time with God and His Word and spent two hours of each day on her own personal faith journey.

In April the Susannah Wesley Circle returned to meeting in person. Having finished up a series about Women in the Bible, they invited Laura Rector to be their speaker for the May meeting. Bonnie Merk started off the meeting with an opening prayer and Mary Jo Caliguire shared the devotion. Laura Rector, Director of Discipleship, then shared her spiritual journey and talked about her work here at Beymer. Although the group is not formally meeting again until September, the group is open to all women and you do not have to be a member to attend. Bonnie (or any of the ladies) would be happy to share information about their group and welcome new or returning people.


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