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The Heart That Grew Three Sizes

When Everything Is Wrong - Laura Rector, Director of Discipleship

This past Sunday, small groups came together for good food, coffee, a thought-provoking video, and a discussion on the Grinch and how he HATED Christmas.

Groups talked about hate and the way it distorts how we see and relate to others and the world.

They also discussed “Why” the Grinch hated Christmas. This is not revealed in the story, but it was decided that maybe, just maybe it’s because he was a misunderstood recluse. Maybe, just maybe, his heart was two sizes too small because he had never experienced love, not even for himself. Someone even mentioned, that perhaps he wanted to stop Christmas from coming because it was too painful to see love expressed in such a way! The Grinch should be pitied, not hated!

Finally, we see that love wins out and the Grinch’s hopeful expectations of ruining Christmas for the Who’s in Whoville were unmet. Despite his efforts, Christmas came…just the same!

Come by Fellowship Hall December 5, 12 o,r 19 after the 8, 9:30, or 11 services to join the discussion!


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