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VBS Recap

by Laura Rector, Director of Discipleship

July 26th – 30th Beymer Church hosted Abundance Orchard Vacation Bible School, where 34 Kids from Pre-K to Grade 5, learned about and lived Bible stories of hospitality and unconditional love. Each day was a different meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, and finally a celebration. During these “meals” they explored themes of gratitude, loving one another, living in harmony, welcoming all, and glorifying God.

Each day, we also focused on the important mission of feeding the hungry, which the VBS families took to heart by donating lots and lots of food for Beymer's food pantry. The children even planted tomato and pepper plants to help the cause! GREAT JOB!

The Abundance Orchard theme was created by the Society of St. Andrew, a national anti-hunger organization. Their important message of feeding the poor by gleaning fruits and vegetables left behind after a harvest was a new concept for the kids, but they embraced it, and now understand that this food can be gleaned to feed the poor, instead of being left to rot on the vines! For more information about the great works of the Society of St. Andrew, go to

And finally, we could not have accomplished such a great week without the volunteers. If you see any of the following people, tell them “Thank You” for their dedication to the children/families at Beymer;

Toni Panciera, Jeanette Troth, Dee Jones, Bea Nottingham, Kathy Turner, Beth Baumez, Sharon Bates, Amy Arthur, Carol Knapp, Cynthia Gibson, Marilyn Stump, Nancy Hallfin, Shane Mitchell, Mary Jo Caliguire, Gail Suits, Marietta Jennings, Agnes Laycock, Bonnie Hudson, Carol Rossman, Chalee Johnson, Jackie Whetro, and Molly Bailey. Our youth: Genevieve Fisher, Leah Martinet, Allison Harrison, AJ Graham, Lauren Lindsey, Jordyn Nichols, Emily Drier, Layla Wallpe. Marian Stickler, Liam Horne, Connor Bork, and Asia Faustair. And of course, our staff, Pastor Rob, Josh Holt, and Carla Moore.

THANK YOU ALL! You are blessed, you are a blessing!


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