Worship Our Way Children's Church resumed on Palm Sunday. During the 9:30 Contemporary Service, children and volunteers came together in Stradley Hall 2nd floor in the Upper Room to experience Josh and the Worship Band via live-stream. The children then began their bible lesson that mirrored the worship service. Following the bible lesson, small groups formed to discuss, play games, and do activities, each enhancing the day's lesson.

...I want to come back next Sunday. ...Look, I made a donkey for Jesus! ...I have my own bag of supplies. Those were some of the things you could hear the children say as they left Sunday morning.

...It went well. ...These were cute activities. ...The children were very engaged with the lesson. And those were some comments from the volunteers and parents picking up their children.

To help us aid in the planning, we ask for parents to register their children. The registration form only takes a moment or two to complete. Did you forget to register? Don't sweat the small stuff, all children will be welcome each week! If you have or know of someone who would like to attend W.O.W Children's Church or have questions, contact Laura Rector, Director of Discipleship 863-294-3186, or email


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