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W.O.W Children's Church

W.O.W. Children’s Church

This past Sunday, September 12th, the children learned how the Early Church practiced teamwork. These new followers of Jesus came together to learn about God, and so, they ate together, prayed together, hung out together, and shared all they had with one another, all while praising God. So, we decided to practice a little teamwork of our own. Using the supplies given the children worked together to build a structure that would hold up under weight, and they did a great job. They all agreed, the foundation (which is Jesus) was the most important part as it held everything else up!

Through this fun activity, the children learned that when we work together we can accomplish much more in a shorter period of time. They made a plan together…and then made it happen. That’s what the early church did. Because of their hard work, the church (us) is still doing God’s work today!

Laura Rector, Director of Discipleship


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