The M&M’s visited the formal garden – Hollis Garden. Nestled on a 1.2-acre site in Lakeland, the group visited an array of over 10,000 flowers, ornamental shrubs, and shade trees. A special treat was seeing the white pelicans on the lake.
The grotto with limestone walls, a gazebo with a clay barrel tile roof, a swan fountain guarding the plaza, and an orchard with rare and exotic fruits are only the beginning. Visit the red room, yellow room, white room, tropical room, or herb room; each unveils a variety of flowers, fruits, foliage, and color.
Patterned flowerbeds and a secluded butterfly garden are also gems to appreciate. There is so much to see, and so many ways to take in the peaceful quiet as you meander around.
Of course, lunch is a must. The group enjoyed lunch in the cute and tasty Garden Bistro located adjacent to the gardens and overlooking the lake. The weather was perfect to take advantage of the outside seating and wind down.
Do you want to be an M&M (Mature Methodists)? The group would love to have you join them on their next outing. Contact Linda Baldwin with any questions or to learn more at 863-224-2808.