“Glory in the Midst of Betrayal”
John 13:21-30
Freddie Combs

Jesus has many things to face that troubled his heart. Knowing what must happen, to fulfill the scriptures is difficult to face when he has such love for his disciples. With a grieving heart, he tells them that one of them will betray him. His disciples don’t understand the implication of the pending act. His disciple John turns to Jesus with Peter’s question, “Lord, who is it?” Jesus tells them it is the one whom he will give this morsel of bread. He then dips the morsel and gives it to Judas Iscariot. Satan enters the already troubled heart of the betrayer, Judas. Jesus tells him whatever it is he must do, do it quickly.

Even more confusing to the disciples Jesus tells them that where he is going, they cannot come. He gives them a new commandment, to love one another as he has loved them. They don’t understand that Christ is about to break the stronghold of sin by putting its power to death on the cross. No greater love is this.

Peter misses the point and declares that he would lay down his life for Jesus. Christ questions, “Peter, will you die for me?” Then Jesus notes, that Peter will deny him three times before the night is out. It is Jesus, the obedient son, who must die for all our sins.

Prayer: Loving God, watch over our hearts, and keep us aware of giving way to sin. Lord, hold us up so we will remain safe and be able to say we are one of your disciples whom Jesus loves. Amen.