“Count the Cost”
Luke 14:22-34
Marcia Baker

For many of us believers, we have had the privilege of being taught at an early age about God’s grace and love for us. Often times we focus on other things in life through our years in adulthood that take our focus off our relationship with God.

Whatever it is that brings us back to developing a deeper fellowship and relationship with God, we again receive His grace. We ask ourselves, Am I ready to give up all possessions to follow God’s leading? What are we ready to do and be for Jesus Christ?

Recently there have been sermons that Jesus declares we are the salt and light of the world. Other messages particularly in Bible study, we’ve been studying about focusing on what God wants for our lives and our purpose, being “Undistracted.”

There is a mission field right in front of each one of us. We get to listen to God’s voice and call to do what He is calling us to do, no matter what our age or circumstances. Invite everyone into the fold.

Prayer: We praise you heavenly Father for your patience with us in hearing and following your call. Help each one of us to “count the cost” and follow you. Amen.