“God’s Friday”
Luke 23:26-33
Carol Sue Hutchinson

Growing up, Good Friday always seemed to be a sunny day. It was a day off from school. My church always had a three-hour service from Noon to 3:00 pm. The three houses were divided into the seven last words of Christ. Each “word” had a scripture, a soloist, and a devotion. My mom always sang one of the solos that day. My sister and I would walk to church to arrive just as whatever “word” mom was singing finished. We all then walked back home and colored the Easter Eggs. The understanding of Good Friday came many years later.

I often wondered why it was called Good Friday. It depicted one of the darkest days of the Christian faith. The Temple officials wanted to get rid of Jesus. It was mostly because they either didn’t understand what Jesus wanted to do or they really understood He wanted to change the whole system of believing and they didn’t want any part of it. For whatever personal reasons they had, they held a sham of a trial, lied to Pontius Pilate and Jesus was crucified.

No matter what their reason, they accomplished what they wanted – Jesus out of the way. The most interesting fact is that because of their act, God could carry out His plan. Yes, Jesus died by crucifixion on that Friday …. And in three days came back. Jesus lives on today in the hearts and lives of believers around the world.

It is Good Friday because ultimately it was “God’s Friday”. The crucifixion of Jesus put into place God’s plan to bring love and redemption to the world.

Prayer: Gracious Father, help us to live out your love and grace in the communities where we live so that more people can be redeemed and experience your love. Amen.