On Sunday, June 11 three of our members were honored. Our Yore Room Committee chose them for their many years of service.  Kathy Brinton, Chairman of the Yore Room Committee,  spoke of their invaluable dedication to Beymer.

George Barber has served 23 years working with the sound system at our 11 am service. He has set up our outdoor service, both dock and now lakeside, for over two decades as well. George drove the church van for many years, picking up those who needed transportation to our 11 am service, and now acts as a van driver for M&M trips.

Mary Jo Braddock has been a member of our Chancel Choir for over 40 years. She served for 8 years as a volunteer for the Inwood Elementary Tutoring program, 5 years rotating as one of the Sunday School Teachers for the Friendship Class, and went on 4 Mission Trips. Mary Jo has been a member of our prayer group for 20 years, serving as the leader of this group since 2014.

Patty Muller served as pianist for Sunday Night Services as a youth through High School, played Piano and Harpsichord for services and special music concerts, both classical and sacred, for many years, as well as 50 years with the Messiah. For 30 years Patty has been the Beymer Organist and for 25 years the Official Church Liaison to the Florida Methodist Children’s Home. She has also taken part in 4 week-long mission trips and served as a Girl Scout leader of Beymer-sponsored troops.

It is our honor to recognize the special milestones, achievements, events and service of George, Mary Jo and Patty in our church. Thank you!