How does it work?  As individuals, you will collect the plastics listed below.

 PLEASE NOTE: Not all plastics qualify, only those listed. NO water bottles or shiny or crunchy plastics.

Bring your CLEAN plastics to the church and place them in the NexTrex  collection

bins found at the church entrances That’s it! When the bin is full, the plastics will be weighed in and brought to

a local store who will send them to NexTrex for processing.

We have 1 year to collect 1,000 pounds of plastics. When we reach that goal, NexTrex will  provides us

with a lovely park bench, made from recycled plastics.

What can be collected: plastic grocery bags, bread bags, bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, plastic shipping envelopes, Ziploc type bags, cereal bags, case overwrap, salt bags, pallet wrap, produce bags.

Thank you for being a part of this challenge!